Pre-School Programs -

move w musicThese classes provide a nurturing pre-school environment for your child. Our state of the art facilities are kid-sized and run by highly trained instructors. Classes are designed to increase physical strength, develop motor skills and channel all of their energy! Children are divided into groups based on age, maturity and skill level. Classes will boost their  self-esteem and self-confidence through our positive and encouraging teaching techniques.

Bounce Back Baby Class

Are you ready to start exercising again? Don’t stress over trying to find a baby sitter, or working out around someone else’s schedule. Our Bounce Back Baby Class makes it easy to workout with your little one! This class incorporates yoga, pilates, cardio, strength training, and toning while wearing your baby. Rediscovering what muscles were hidden or lost during pregnancy. Making you look and feel great with other moms in the same circle. Must have a baby carrier to wear during class. Contact the office for more details!

Move With Music (9mos-18mos.)

This 45 minute class is sure to engage your child’s senses as they enjoy our fun, interactive music and get a head start socializing with other children. Your child will learn the fundamental skills of gymnastics on our colorful preschool equipment with you at their side to celebrate each milestone from crawling to walking and more.  Studies have shown that being exposed to music and exercise at an early age stimulates motor skills, increases your child’s attention span and social development. Children will learn to take turns, share and follow directions in a fun, supervised setting. This class offers a wonderful opportunity for bonding to help your little one grow and flourish.

Bronze Babies (18mos.-3yrs.)

Parents assist their children through various skills on our preschool gymnastics equipment. You’ll be right there to cheer on your little one and celebrate every achievement.Studies show that exercise at this age helps stimulate motor skills, acquire reasoning skills, increases your child’s attention span along with social development. Children will be exposed to a variety of other children in a fun, supervised, social setting. For most children, this is the first time they learn to take turns, share and follow directions. It’s a great way to prepare your child for school. This is a 50 minute class that ends with 10 minutes of free play where parent and child get to go on any event they choose to practice what they learned from class.

Busy Bee’s (18mos-4yrs.)

Mother with happy baby doing exercises with gymnastic ball
An introduction to the structure and discipline of preschool and gymnastics classes. This class creates a safe environment for your child to jump on trampoline, climb on rock walls, zoom down slides, and hang on bars. Classes will include a small portion of structured gymnastics and a large portion of fun, games, music, and open play. Watch your child grow to love physical activity and see their attention span develop more and more each class. Activities will include bubble time, parachute fun, foam pit games, belt flying, and much more! This class is a great opportunity for parents to bond with each other and their children.

Mini Stars (3-4 yrs.)  Silver Stars (5-6 years.)

This 60 minute class teaches basic gymnastics integrated into a fun game-like environment this class introduces parental separation fostering independence and self-esteem. Every class starts off with a musical warm up and stretch to motivate and introduce gymnastics. Children will be taught two Olympic events such as beam and bars long with various jumps on trampoline. Every week the children learn new skills including cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, backward rolls, jumps, vaulting and more. Through these exercise’s they’ll gain strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and self-esteem.

Super Silvers (4-6 yrs.)

This class is for kids who have mastered the basics in their preschool classes. Kids are challenged even more in the same nurturing environment. Emphasis on using correct form, and increasing strength prepares your gymnast for the Gold Medalist program. Gymnasts are introduced to levels 1 and 2 of the USAG Junior Olympic Program. They start to go on the larger gymnastics equipment at an earlier age. Students begin to connect skills in a row while adding perfect form and posture to their gymnastics. Class is 90 minutes and includes trampoline.**Evaluation is required to enroll**

Gold Medalists (4-7yrs.)

This class is designed for children who show a special interest and wish to pursue gymnastics as a sport. Developing the core basics for a gymnast is crucial to their success in the Junior Olympic program. Gymnasts in this program will learn the fundamentals of USAG Level 3 including all the latest training techniques that are set forth by the USAG National staff. These classes are more physically challenging while maintaining a fun game-like environment. Kids learn more advanced gymnastics skills and gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments. They have the option in participating in their own beginner level gymnastic competition! This competition is labeled a “fun meet” because it is an unofficial exhibition designed to give athletes a positive experience when they perform in front of a crowd. Classes are 2 hours and meet twice a week. **Evaluation is required**

Private Play Dates  

Get some friends together and have your next playdate at Gold Medal Gymnastics Center. Enjoy a supervised open play atmosphere on our state of the art equipment. Ask our office for details.