Garden City IGC Girls -

Team Directors

Ms Tiffany Levesque

  • Gymnast for over 10 years- Competed up to Level 9 for USAG
  • Member of the Regional Maine State Team for 5 years
  • Coached USAG Levels 4-8 for Andy Valley School of Gymnastics in Maine
  • Coached at the United States Gymnastics Training Center Camp for 6 years
  • Worked with IGC and Accelerated Competition Teams
  • Head Coach of Club Team for Gold Medal – 1st Place Team for 2 years







Mr. Deeangelo Guevara

  • Has coached gymnastics for several years
  • Assistant coach on USAIGC team for past year
  • Attends Adelphi University studying Education
  • Speaks fluent Spanish







Season 2014 – 2015

Last Chance Invitational


  • Nicoletta Ziozis   VT (1st)   FX (3rd)


Bronze – 1st Place Team

  • Bridget Banahan   BM (1st)
  • Emma Doyle   VT (2nd)   FX 9.00 (2nd)   AA (2nd)
  • Sophia Cerky   VT (2nd)   BM (3rd)   FX 9.00 (2nd)   AA 33.70 (2nd)
  • Julia Mody   VT (1st)   UB (1st)   BM (1st)   FX 8.90 (1st)   AA 34.90 (1st)
  • Kate Wede   VT (3rd)   UB 9.00 (1st)   BM (1st)   FX 8.90 (1st)   AA 34.90 (1st)


  • Maggie Moran   BM (3rd)
  • Elizabeth Crowley   BM (2nd)   FX 9.00 (2nd)   AA 34.50 (2nd)

Flip for a Cure


  • Elizabeth Crowley   VT 9.40   BM 9.15 (2nd)
  • Chrystelle Senatus   VT 9.15 (1st)   UB (1st)   BM (2nd)   FX (1st)   AA 34.80 (1st)
  • Maggie Moran   BM 9.00


  • Julia Mody   VT (2nd)   BM 9.05 (3rd)   FX 9.05   AA 34.30 (2nd)
  • Sophia Cerky   VT (1st)   UB (1st)
  • Emma Doyle   UB (3rd)   FX 9.10
1/13-1/15/17 New Year Celebration Bronze,Silver,Gold Amityville, NY
1/28-1/29/17 Manhattan Classic Bronze,Silver,Gold New York, NY
2/18-2/19/17 Snowflake Invitational Bronze,Silver,Gold Commack, NY
3/10-3/12/17 Flip For a Cure Bronze,Silver,Gold Amityville, NY
3/25-3/26/17 Love & Gymnastics Invitational Bronze,Silver,Gold Hauppauge, NY
4/7-4/9/17 Split Rock Resort Championships Bronze,Silver,Gold Poconos, PA
4/21-4/23/17 Last Chance Invitational Bronze,Silver,Gold Commack, NY
4/28-4/30/17 Early States Bronze, Silver Medford, NY
5/6-5/7/17 Family Expo
5/12-5/14/17 States Bronze Edgewood, NY
5/26-5/28/17 Regionals Bronze,Silver,Gold Wildwood, NJ