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Gold Medal Gymnastics Presents: GYM VIRTUAL – Virtual Online Zoom Gymnastics Classes for kids! Kids are flipping out about it! Time to get our students off the couch and back onto their hands!

Bring the instructor to you in our new online virtual classes. Our certified professional staff will train your child via ZOOM with a class designed specifically for a home environment. Teachers will provide feedback, form corrections, and positive praise to help motivate each and every child in the class. Lesson plans are geared toward safe, in-home drills and exercises that the student can do by themselves safely. No equipment needed, just a soft carpet, lawn, or yoga mat will do. Classes will aim to build strength and flexibility through specific movements, getting them closer to the skills they want to achieve in the gym. Virtual classes can be an added compliment to a gym class or can be a way to train from home have fun, and stay in shape for when returning to the gym is possible again!

Gym Virtual Sample Schedule and Download Link

Virtual Gymnastics Skill Building Ages 6 & up (girls)

Learn skills from our master instructors as they focus each lesson on a specific skill set to achieve. Each lesson will start with an exciting warm up that will lead into drills that will lead up to basic gymnastics elements. Throughout the class the instructor will provide independent work with observation and verbal coaching ending with a fun activity or contest. The handstand class and cartwheel class are a couple of examples of the lessons that will be rotated on the schedule everyweek. (30min)

Virtual Developmental Training (super silvers & gold medalists)

Gymnasts from our advanced programs can sign up for these essential classes that focus on the strength, conditioning, and flexibility. This program will provide vital training to build up the strength for skills needed to move into the next program. (30 min)

Ninja Class Ages 6-11 (girls & boys)

Sharpen up those ninja skills at home with a combo class that covers martial arts, strength training, basic rolls, and jumps. Taught in a fun “Ninja Style” these classes will help students get to the next level in their ninja classes. These classes will inspire the habit of continuing strength training on their own when the teacher isn’t there. (30min)

Advanced Strength & Flexibility (Mini Team & PreTeam)

Gymnasts will learn the importance of staying strong and flexible during this 45min training class. Instructors will monitor form, give corrections, and motivate every athlete to work hard. These classes prepare the gymnast for a faster return to full gymnastics training. (30min)

Kids Fitness & Fun Ages 6 & up (girls & boys)

Bring your own personal PE teacher into your home virtually with a fitness class that will build strength, work on your flexibility, in a fun game-like approach. Our certified PE teachers are great with kids and love to inspire the importance of physical fitness. Teachers will monitor all students, correct their form, and keep them active all class.

Team Strength & Conditioning (Team Gymnasts only)

Every part of a competitive gymnast must be strengthened for peak performance and injury prevention. These sessions will incorporate specific strength and flexibility drills by isolating every body part to target all their tendons and muscles. These classes prepare the gymnast for a faster return to full gymnastics training. (55min)

Tik-Tok Dance Trendz Ages 6-11

Part of gymnastics is having fun and letting the movement come out of the child organically. Today’s social media youth will love this class which will teach all of the most current dances being shared on Tik Tok social media. They will love showing off what they learned to their friends online after class! (30min)

Team Ballet & Yoga Flex Class (Team Gymnasts only)

Dance is an important element of competitive gymnastics. Proper posture, body alignment, and arm movements can make all the difference on beam and floor. Yoga and flexibility training will be added for increase strength, muscle elongation, and the mind/body connection for the gymnast.(45min)

*Private Zoom Training

ZOOM ONE-ON-ONE coaching for gymnastics and ninja please feel free to email us and we will assign a coach for your specific needs. One-on-one training can provide that extra attention needed to make a skill come together. We also offer semi-private sessions for 2-4 students per class.
For success in school, sport, and life, a child that learns to channel their impulse & energy towards a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors.

What Kids & Parents Are Saying

“Our son Nicholas (9 years old) is really enjoying his virtual ninja classes. He says that he loves the fun exercises they do! He likes that they even do some of the activities that they would normally do in the gym! Ms. Erika is so nice and really motivates the kids!”

Lori and Joe Cebul

“Such a fun, interactive class. My daughter loves it! She and other gymnasts can connect with their instructors! She is challenged with event specific conditioning, engaging lessons, and drills to keep her focused and active! She loves Ms. Kayla too and is so happy to see her again…virtually!”

The Schultz Family

OUR SAFETY PROMISE - Rest assured, vigilant sanitizing of our equipment and facility will take place all day, every day. We are 100% committed to your child's well-being.