Advanced Programs

Super Silvers (4-6 yrs.)

This class is for kids who have mastered the basics in their preschool classes. Kids are challenged even more in the same nurturing environment. Emphasis on using correct form, and increasing strength prepares your gymnast for the Gold Medalist program. Gymnasts are introduced to levels 1 and 2 of the USAG Junior Olympic Program. They start to go on the larger gymnastics equipment at an earlier age. Students begin to connect skills in a row while adding perfect form and posture to their gymnastics. Class is 90 minutes and includes trampoline.**Evaluation is required to enroll**

Gold Medalists (5-7yrs)

This class is designed for children who show a special interest and wish to pursue gymnastics as a sport. Developing the core basics for a gymnast is crucial to their success in the Junior Olympic program. Gymnasts in this program will learn the fundamentals of USAG Level 3 including all the latest training techniques that are set forth by the USAG National staff. These classes are more physically challenging while maintaining a fun game-like environment. Kids learn more advanced gymnastics skills and gain a sense of pride in their accomplishments. They have the option in participating in their own beginner level gymnastic competition! This competition is labeled a “fun meet” because it is an unofficial exhibition designed to give athletes a positive experience when they perform in front of a crowd. Classes are 2 hours and meet twice a week.

MINI-TEAM (5-8 yrs.) / PRE TEAM (8+yrs)

Mini Team is an introduction to competitive gymnastics training while still maintaining a fun environment. Students in this program are taught a solid foundation of basic skills from which future advanced skills can be built upon.Kids will even participate in their own beginner level gymnastic competition each year! This competition is labeled “a fun meet” because it is an unofficial exhibition designed to give the athletes a positive experience when they perform in front of a crowd.
All parents must purchase the required uniform when entering this program

**Evaluation is required before entering this program**

Accelerated Class (6-15 yrs.)

These 2 hour classes offer students a chance to master new skills at an accelerated pace. Girls can learn tumbling for their school sports such as cheerleading… etc., and boys can build strength for every sport that they play as well. Kids choose how many days a week they practice and workouts include increased conditioning and gymnastics.

Girl’s groups will have extra dance elements introduced into their workouts and boy’s groups will emphasize the strength skills needed for rings, pommels and p-bars. Students are divided into groups with their friends and with other kids of their skill level.

The accelerated program is a non-competiive program. Girls in this program may work towards qualifying for the USAG Junior Olympic Team or the IGC Team. Boys may qualify for the USAG Boys Team. However, being a member of a competitive team program is NOT required.

**Evaluation is required before entering this program**

High School Group Program

This program gives High School students the opportunity to rent out and utilize our state of the art gym for team practices or group activities. Teams have the option to bring their own coach or to use one of our trained instructors. Gold Medal  features 15′-18′ ceilings perfect for your squad or team. Contact our office manager for details.

OUR SAFETY PROMISE - Rest assured, vigilant sanitizing of our equipment and facility will take place all day, every day. We are 100% committed to your child's well-being.