Gold Medalists (advanced pre-school program)

This class is designed for children who show a special interest and wish to pursue gymnastics as a sport. Developing the core basics for a gymnast is crucial to their success in the Junior Olympic program. *Evaluation is required to enroll.


Accelerated Class (advanced program)

These 2 hour classes offer students a chance to master new skills at an accelerated pace. Added conditioning, strength training, and flexibility are essential for increasing new skill development.


Mini Team & Pre Team

Introduction to competitive gymnastics training while still maintaining a fun environment. Students in this program are taught a solid foundation of basic skills from which future advanced skills can be built upon.


Open Gym Program

Open Gym Open gym is a great time for your child to explore gymnastics in a safe and fun environment!  The gym opens its doors to any gymnast who wishes to workout on any events they choose.  Safety certified instructors supervise all activities on all events. Bring a friend and share the gymnastics experience! Space…


OUR SAFETY PROMISE - Rest assured, vigilant sanitizing of our equipment and facility will take place all day, every day. We are 100% committed to your child's well-being.