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How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Gymnastics Class

A gymnastics class is a fun way to keep your child active and entertained on a weekly basis. On top of this, gymnastics class also helps children decide early on if the sport is something they want to pursue as they get older. Other benefits include a chance to socialize with kids their own age, a safe environment with trusted employees, and an overall improvement in your child’s balance and coordination.

Despite how much there is to look forward to, starting a new class can be scary for both the parents and the child. If you’re not sure what to expect then you might under prepare or make a mistake that can affect the overall experience. In order to avoid such a thing from happening you should do research ahead of time so you can show up confident and prepared. With that being said, here’s how you should prepare for your child’s first gymnastic class.

What To Expect

Most gymnastics classes for younger kids are far tamer than those that a teenager or adult would attend. While your child will likely be doing things like climbing or walking a high beam they’re also there to have fun and learn the joys of physical activity. If you’re worried about your child getting hurt, then rest assured knowing that your child will be safe as long as they adhere to the rules. The room is littered with mats and helpers who will be spotting your child making sure they’re safe whenever they do something difficult.

Most gymnastic classes let the parents watch their kids, however, not all of them are like this. Some keep the parents out of the room so the children don’t feel nervous or distracted while they’re learning. Every class is different so call the building ahead of time if you’re unsure what to expect.

What Your Child Should Wear

Due to the fact that your child is going to be upside down, they should wear fitted clothing so they don’t have to wrestle with keeping their shirt from falling during class. Girls are recommended to wear leotards and compression shorts while boys should wear a shirt that is tucked into athletic or compression shorts as well. Socks are recommended if they have grip, however, if they’re going to cause someone to slip then they should probably stay off.

What to Bring

Making sure you bring everything to class is a responsibility that falls on the parents more so than the kids. Children can get caught up in the excitement of going to gymnastics class and forget to do things like bring a water bottle or eat beforehand. Overall it’s recommended that you bring your child with water, a hair tie (if they have long hair), and encourage them to use the restroom before you head over. You should also keep your child from wearing any jewelry to class as things like bracelets or earrings can get caught on things or get in the way.

Looking for a Great Gymnastics Class for Your Child?

Gold Medal Gymnastics is a school full of trusted professionals who work to help your kid be the best they can be. It accomplishes this by giving your kids a fun and safe environment in which they can explore the world of gymnastics. If you have any questions about what we do and how we do it then contact us today!