Rocky Point IGC Girls - Gold Medal Gymnastics Center

Team Directors

Ms Lindsay Kulik

  • Competitive Gymnastics Coach for 10 years, USAG & USAIGC
  • High School Teacher
  • Varsity Gymnastics Coach
  • USAG Competitive Gymnast

2018 Results

21st Starstruck Invitational

  • Brooke Napolitano – Floor (1st)!, Beam (2nd), AA (3rd)
  • Kandice Ryan – Vault (2nd)
  • Courtney Lever – Bars (2nd)
  • Taylor Bodonza – Beam (3rd)

2017 Results

World Champions


Out of 10 girls, 7 girls advanced to finals on as least one event and we have our first IGC WORLD CHAMPION!

  • Sarah Ziegler bronze bars WORLD CHAMP!


5 of 6 moving on to event finals! We have 2 more world champions!

  • Tori Napolitano – On the Floor Champ!
  • Brooke Napolitano – Beam Champ!
  • 2nd/3rd place finishes (Taylor Bodanza – 2nd Place!
  • Brianna Breyer – 3rd Place!

3rd Place Team!

Flip for a Cure


  • Emily Ammann 9.2 2nd on floor
  • Reese Nelson 9.15 3rd on floor


  • Taylor Bodanza 9.3 on floor, 1st AA 36.25
  • Brooke Napolitano 1st on floor 9.20, 3rd AA 34.00

Beach Party Invitational


  • Kandice Ryan, 1st on Bars, 3rd on beam/floor, 1st AA 34.05


  • Brianna Breyer, 1st on vault/bars, 1st AA 35.80

Hollywood Stars Invitational


  • Sarah Ziegler, 1st on vault/bars/beam 3rd on floor, 1st AA 36.05


  • Tori Napolitano, 2nd on vault/bars, 1st on beam, 4th on floor, 2nd AA 36.45

2014-2015 Results

Hunger Games Gymnastics Challenge


  • 2nd place team
  • Melissa G. – UB (1st) – AA (2nd)
  • Nicole C. – VT (1st) – UB (1st) – AA (1st)

Long Island Classic


  • 2nd place
  • 2 wow awards by Katie P.


  • 3rd place
  • wow award by Phoeby K.

2013-2014 Results

Manhattan Classic

2nd Place Silver Team!!!
  • Jessica Doscher: UB-8.925(1) BB-9.100(2T) FL-8.950(5T) AA-35.975(1)
  • Audra Metz: V-9.200(2) UB-7.650(5) BB-8.900 FL-9.350(1) AA-35.100(1T)
  • Nicole Cardi: V-9.100(3T) UB-8.150(3) BB-9.100(2T) FL-8.750(4T) AA-35.100(1T)
  • Caitlin Thrash: V-8.800(3) UB-8.225(1) BB-9.050(1) FL-8.700(2T) AA-34.775(1)
  • Emily Mlyn: UB-8.300(3) AA-34.100(5)
  • Melissa Goldstein: UB-8.325(2)
  • Taylor Bodanza: V-8.400(4) UB-7.675(2) BB-8.750(2) FL-8.800(1) AA-33.625(3)

FGA Popstar Invitational

1st Place Bronze Team!!!
2nd Place Silver Team!!!

Silver Team

  • Audra Metz: UB-8.100(4) BB-9.150(1) FL-9.250(1) AA-35.550(1)
  • Jessica Doscher: UB- 8.650(1) BB-8.300(5) FL-9.225(2) AA-35.175(2)
  • Nicole Cardi: FL-9.025(4)
  • Caitlin Thrash: FL- 9.125(5)
  • Taylor Bodanza: UB-7.150(5) FL-9.175(4T)
  • Emily Mlyn: UB-7.950(3)

Bronze Team

  • Tori Napolitano: V-8.300(2) UB-8.350(2T) FL-8.550(3) AA-31.900(4)
  • Rianna Bayliss: UB-8.250(4)
  • Meghan Thrash: UB-8.300(3)
  • Eva Edery: BB-7.450(5)
  • Kaitlyn Pego: UB-9.200(1) BB-8.650(2) FL-9.000(3) AA-34.550(2)
  • Brianna Breyer: V-8.700(1) UB-8.550(2) AA-33.475(4)
  • Molly Soloway: UB-8.350(4)
  • Lisa Greenspan: BB-8.100(4) FL-9.200(2)
  • Alexandrea Monette: UB-8.800(1)
  • Kayla Smith: V-8.100(5T) UB-8.050(5T) BB-8.200(2T) FL-9.200(1) AA-33.550(2)
  • Sarah Zobrist: V-8.350(3) UB-8.400(1) BB-8.200(3T) AA-33.400(3)
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