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Tips for Holding Your Handstand Longer

Handstands are a staple in gymnastics. This means that you are going to want to learn it before attempting more challenging maneuvers. With that being said, if you are struggling with improving your handstand, then you have come to the right place! Here are some tips and tricks for holding your handstand longer!

Make Sure You Are Vertical

This first step may be confusing to you since handstands are obviously going to be done vertically. What we mean by this is that you need to keep your body in a tight parallel line facing the floor. Keep your shoulders over your wrist and your legs over your shoulders. Tighten your legs and feet together, so your balance is not spread too far. Letting them go where they want is going to shift your balance unevenly.

Utilize Your Fingertips

Your fingertips do a large amount of the work necessary to keep yourself upright during a handstand. Spreading them far and digging them into the floor is going to give you the grip you need to stay in place.

Tighten Your Core

Tightening your abdominal muscles and your glutes are going to help you maintain your balance. It is important to train these muscles where you can so you have the strength to hold your own body weight. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t hold your handstand right from the get go. It takes a lot of practice and training before you are able to excel at it.

Push Your Shoulders Up

You may be tempted to let your shoulders drop low to the floor as you get tired; however, this is a bad idea. Keeping them high and close to the ceiling is going to exponentially improve your handstand hold. This is going to require some training to get down, so make sure that you are working your shoulders when you can. Practicing against a wall is another great way to train your body and mind if you are not ready to commit fully. Easing yourself into things is a healthy and smart way to approach it, so you do not injure yourself.

Don’t Lose Your Focus

A lot of the barriers in gymnastics aren’t just physical but mental as well. Getting nervous or too excited once you finally get that handstand is going to cause you to lose it quickly. Staying calm under pressure is a key factor in fast progress, so start training your mind along with your body. Take deep breaths and clear your head before attempting a handstand. Visualizing it ahead of time is another trick to get you well on your way to improving your handstand.

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