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What to Expect From Gymnastics Summer Camp

GMGC gymnastics summer camp

Summer camps are a place for children to learn and have fun at the same time. It is a great place for kids to pick up new skills, make new friends and become more in tune with their environment and themselves. For highly energetic children who love physical activity, there is no better place to spend their summer than at gymnastics camp.

There is a lot more to gymnastics than handstands and cartwheels. At Gold Medal Gymnastics Centers we want to help your child foster an active childhood. If you are wondering how our gymnastics summer camps work and what we do here, we are more than happy to explain. Visit gmgc.com to find your local GMGC gym.

What is a Gymnastics Summer Camp?

A gymnastics summer camp is a specialized program designed to immerse young athletes in the world of gymnastics through intensive training, fun activities, and peer interaction. 

At our gymnastic and ninja summer camps, children have the opportunity to improve their agility, balance and physical skills,their gymnastics skills, learn from experienced coaches, and train in a supportive environment tailored to their developmental needs. Of course we also mix in some fun outdoor activity time such as ice cream, parachute and hopscotch! Our Summer Camp Theme Calendar showcases the fun and whimsy of our camps each and every week!

Whether it’s mastering the basics or perfecting advanced routines, gymnastics summer camps cater to a range of skill levels, offering a structured schedule that balances training and fun with time for making friends and socialization.

Overall, a gymnastics summer camp is not just about athletic and skills growth but also personal development. Campers leave with enhanced skills, new friendships, and invaluable experiences that contribute to their growth as gymnasts and individuals.

How Gold Medal Gymnastics Camp Works

Each weekly gymnastics and ninja camp has a different theme with special events and activities that the campers will love, plus plenty of gymnastics instruction indoors and outdoors.

You can choose a 3 hour session from 3, 4 or 5 days a week programs. There’s even an ice cream truck on fridays!

What Can Parents Expect from a Gymnastics Summer Camp?

gymnast on beam

Trained Coaches and Instructors

Gold Medal summer camps have trained staff and instructors. Not only are they highly trained but they also have athletic experience. This is important when training new athletes and gymnasts in the camp.

Even if the campers are already practicing gymnasts looking to improve their skills, the coaches know where and what to focus on during training.

Modern Facilities and Equipment

Proper gymnastics equipment is not merely for looks, but mainly for the safety of the gymnasts. With proper equipment, they can give the best performance with their budding skills.

Modern facilities and equipment will also greatly aid the skill development of gymnasts. 

They will be able to learn new tricks and transitions. At the same time, they will build on their existing accomplishments to push new boundaries of their abilities.

Advanced and safe facilities and equipment are a staple in any gymnasium. It doesn’t matter the age range of the gymnasts or their current abilities or limitations. 

Safety Regulations 

Above all else, the safety of the gymnasts is important and is not compromised for any reason. 

We comply with safety regulations and ensure the proper function of all equipment. This way, the gymnasts enrolled are not exposed to harm or avoidable injuries.

What Kids Can Expect from a Gymnastics Summer Camp

What Gymnasts Should Expect from a Gymnastics Summer Camp

Daily Schedule

A daily schedule is an integral part of the gymnastics summer camp experience. At camp, the events of the day are already planned out to the minute. However, it doesn’t mean that campers are deprived of leisure.

Skill Upgrade

Serious gymnasts should expect that their skill level grows after their regular participation in summer camps and classes. Working with trained coaches and trainers at the gymnastics summer camp, the gymnast can trust to build their skills and learn new tricks.

Building New Connections

Summer camp is a place to learn and make new friends and ; to build connections with both instructors and fellow gymnasts. By working with counselors, trainers and in gymnastics teams, kids will  learn the intricacies of teamwork and cooperation. At the end of summer, the gymnasts are not only going home as better athletes, perfecting their skills, but they will now have new friends and coaches that are just as passionate about gymnastics.

Are you looking for an opportunity for your child to build their gymnastics skills and make new friends at the same time? Check out the Gold Medal Gymnastics! Our facilities are state of the art for your gymnasts and our kids birthday parties are action-packed and fun-filled, see for yourself here.

Gold Medal Gymnastics Center is The Place to be This Summer!

At Gold Medal Gymnastics & Ninja, we have modern facilities for boys and girls from the ages of 3 months to 18 years. Our trainers are dedicated to their jobs of grooming next generation gymnasts. As well as being all round athletes, we teach kids not only the power of teamwork, but how to set goals, communicate and reach new personal achievements.

Children’s birthday parties and ninja parties can also be hosted at the Smithtown, Garden City, Rocky Point, Centereach, Levittown, and Huntington Long Island, New York centers.

Summer is around the corner, register for camp today and let the fun begin.

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