PreSchool To Advanced Gymnastic Classes For Kids Near Me

PreSchool To Advanced Gymnastic Classes For Kids Near Me

Gymnastics is a great activity for kids of any age. It helps to build coordination, strength, and agility while providing opportunities to socialize and have fun. If you are looking for quality gymnastics classes near you for your children, then you have come to the right place!

Here at GMGC, we offer a wide variety of gymnastic activities suited to different levels of skill, from preschoolers all the way up to advanced-level gymnastics. With our variety of options, your child can find the perfect fit that will help them learn and grow in their gymnastic abilities!

Little Explorers (3–12 months)

Our 45-minute Little Explorers class is designed to introduce babies aged 3–12 months to the world of gymnastics in a safe and relaxing environment. During this class, we nurture their crawling, standing, and walking skills through engaging and enjoyable activities. We encourage parents or guardians to join in, strengthening the bond between parent and child while fostering trust. Through games and activities that promote physical activity, like rolling, jumping, and climbing your little explorer will quickly acquire new skills in a comfortable and enjoyable setting.

Busy Bee’s (12 months–3 years)

The Busy Bee’s program at GMGC offers a 45-minute class to introduce children aged 12 months–3 years to the world of gymnastics. Parents or guardians are urged to participate in the class and help nurture their child’s physical development through activities like bubble time, parachute fun, belt flying, and much more!

In this safe environment, children get the opportunity to explore different movements and activities that encourage physical development as they practice crawling, jumping, climbing, and more. Not only does this program help your little ones become physically active but it also provides an interactive and fun setting for them to build a strong bond with their parents or guardians.

Bronze Babies (walking for 3 years)

This 45-minute class is the perfect way for babies to get introduced to the world of gymnastics. In a structured class setting, they will learn proper motor skill development while taking turns and sharing with their peers. Parents will have the chance to bond further with their little ones as they help nurture their child’s physical development through fun and safe activities. Bubble time, foam pit games, belt flying, and much more will give children the opportunity to explore different movements that can help them become physically active and build strong bonds with those who matter most.

Silver Stars (3-5 years)

The Silver Stars program is built for children ages 3 to 5 years old and designed to give them a better understanding of gymnastics while also providing physical confidence. Every week, the children will learn new skills such as cartwheels, handstands, forward rolls, backward rolls, jumps, vaulting, and more. Through these exercises, they’ll gain strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and self-esteem. The kids will practice their skills in fun challenges with the help of their instructors. With their parent’s help or encouragement from home, parents can provide a sense of support and love that further reinforces this positive learning environment for the children.

Intro To Rec (5 years)

The Intro to Rec (5-year) program is the perfect way for 5-year-olds to gain an early introduction to larger gymnastics equipment. During this class, they’ll be taught the essential skills and safety protocols when using full-sized bars, beams, and vaulting apparatuses. Instructors will also give them a great start on tumbling, trampoline, tumble track, and rock wall activities. With the help of their instructors and parents’ support and guidance from home, these children will learn crucial skills that build physical strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, self-esteem, and confidence. At the end of each session, parents can expect to see tremendous growth in their kids’ abilities!

Super Silvers (4-6 years)

Our program is crafted to build strength and readiness in young gymnasts for the Gold Medalist Program. In the Super Silvers class, children aged 4-6 will be introduced to levels 1 and 2 of the USAG Junior Olympic Program. Through this program, they will acquire fundamental skills using standard-sized equipment, including bars, beams, trampolines, rock walls, and vaulting apparatus. With guidance from experienced instructors and their parents’ support at home, these children are able to gain physical strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, self-esteem, and confidence. Parents can observe their child’s progress from week to week as they gain more control over their bodies and eventually move into gymnastics at a higher level!

Gold Medalists (4–7 years)

These classes offer a higher level of physical challenge while maintaining a fun and game-like atmosphere. Kids in this program will master skills in all four Olympic gymnastics disciplines: bars, beam, floor, and vault. They’ll receive guidance on executing precise movements and enhancing their strength, coordination, and agility. This advanced gymnastics level will foster a sense of pride in their continuous progress week by week. Parents can witness their children’s development, marked by increased agility, stronger muscles, greater flexibility, and growing confidence in each apparatus.

Girls Gymnastics (6 yrs. & Up)

Girls gymnastics classes at GMGC are focused on developing balance beam, uneven bars, vaulting, and floor exercise skills. The rigorous program helps kids develop their flexibility and strength and boosts their self-esteem, all while having fun. The foundational gymnastics skills they will learn, like forward rolls, cartwheels, and front and back handstands, are great for helping them progress in any sport they choose. Parents can watch their children take on the challenging gymnastics apparatus and increase their confidence in their physical abilities.

Mini-Team And Pre-Team (5-8+ years)

GMGC’s Mini-Team and Pre-Team programs are designed for students aged 5–8 and above, with a focus on building a strong foundation of basic gymnastics skills. During these programs, students learn the fundamentals of each apparatus, including strength, agility, flexibility, and confidence, all while enjoying themselves. They also receive coaching in more challenging and advanced skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, and back handsprings. These foundational techniques provide the building blocks for any sport a student may choose to pursue. With the dedicated guidance of our experienced instructors, young gymnasts can achieve their goals through determination and perseverance.

Accelerated Class (6–15 years)

The Accelerated Class at GMGC is perfect for students aged 6–15 who want to hone their skills in a fun and safe atmosphere. In this program, students learn tumbling at an accelerated pace with the assistance of qualified coaches. This is an important step for those who are interested in participating in school sports, as it builds strength and coordination. Additionally, girls can develop their skills even further by having extra dance elements introduced, while boys can explore rings, pommels, and p-bars. With effective instruction and guidance from our team, children have the opportunity to master these new skills quickly and confidently.

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