Girls & Boys Gymnastics Classes

Kids increase their flexibility and strength, boost their self-esteem and gain a sense of pride
in their achievements. Lesson plans are designed to keep kids moving the entire class,
improving their over-all fitness.

Bronze Babies

Parents assist their children through various skills on our preschool gymnastics equipment. You’ll be right there to cheer on your little one and celebrate every achievement.Studies show that exercise at this age helps stimulate motor skills, acquire reasoning skills, increases your child’s attention span along with social development. Children will be exposed to a variety of other children in a fun, supervised, social setting. For most children, this is the first time they learn to take turns, share and follow directions. It’s a great way to prepare your child for school. This is a 45 minute class that ends with 10 minutes of free play where parent and child get to go on any event they choose to practice what they learned from class.

Silver Stars

This 55 minute class teaches basic gymnastics integrated into a fun game-like environment this class introduces parental separation fostering independence and self-esteem.

Intro to Rec

This class was created for 5 year olds to get an early introduction to the larger gymnastics equipment.  Children who are ready to move past the preschool fundamentals, but are not yet ready for the 90 minute recreational program, can enter this introductory class that is 60 minutes long with children their own age.  During this class they will be taught the basic skills & safety on using the full size bars, beams, & vault.  They will also be introduced to the next level of skills on tumbling, trampoline, tumble track & rockwall.  This program is designed to maintain the fun preschool environment, without being restricted to just the preschool area and equipment.  Children who are currently enrolled in preschool classes can ask their teachers if they are ready for this next step.

Little Explorers

A 45 minute class for the babies to start exploring our gym. They will start climbing, focus on taking some steps, bouncing with a parent on the trampolines, instruments, bubbles and fun music! This class is made for parent and baby to play in a safe and fun environment!

Busy Bee’s

An introduction to the structure and discipline of preschool and gymnastics classes. This class creates a safe environment for your child to jump on trampoline, climb on rock walls, zoom down slides, and hang on bars. Classes will include a small portion of structured gymnastics and a large portion of fun, games, music, and open play. Watch your child grow to love physical activity and see their attention span develop more and more each class. Activities will include bubble time, parachute fun, foam pit games, belt flying, and much more! This class is a great opportunity for parents to bond with each other and their children.  45 Minute Class

Private Play Dates

Get some friends together and have your next playdate at Gold Medal Gymnastics Center. Enjoy a supervised open play atmosphere on our state of the art equipment. Ask our office for details

Super Silvers (advanced pre-school program)

These groups are introduced to the larger gymnastics equipment at an earlier age. Students
begin to connect skills in a row while adding perfect form and posture to their gymnastics.
*Evaluation is Required to enroll.   90 Minute Class


OUR SAFETY PROMISE - Rest assured, vigilant sanitizing of our equipment and facility will take place all day, every day. We are 100% committed to your child's well-being.